Sal Gentile and David Pinkert of Friday Health Plans Selected to Represent Colorado

DENVER, CO, November 16th, 2021— Endeavor Colorado announced the selection of Sal Gentile and David Pinkert, co-founders of Friday Health Plans, to the Endeavor Global network. The two entrepreneurs participated in a competitive selection process and were chosen by the Endeavor International Selection Panel on November 10th. Sal and David are the 10th and 11th entrepreneurs supported by Endeavor Colorado, joining Mark Frank of Sondermind, Fred Kneip of CyberGRX, Chris Miller of Everside Health, Dan Holt & Kelly Seidl of BillGO, Mario Ciabarra of Quantum Metric, Robin McIntosh & Lisa McLaughlin from Workit Health, and Rajat Bhargava of JumpCloud.

“Entrepreneurs are essential to community economic development and systems change,” said Valeria Alberola, Endeavor Colorado board member and CEO of ZOMALAB. “Sal and David are transforming the health insurance marketplace by expanding access to affordable health plans for individuals who don’t have access through company health plans. At the same time, their unique focus on customer service and its significant operation has contributed to job and economic growth in rural Colorado. We are thrilled they’ve been selected to the Endeavor Global network as they continue to scale impact nationwide.”

In the U.S., health insurance is historically tied to employment, leaving consumers few options to select a plan that is right for them, and even fewer low-cost options if they are self-employed or unemployed. Without coverage, people are likely to skip routine preventative health measures and, in the event of a health emergency, are left vulnerable to financial ruin.

Friday Health Plans is purpose-built for the individual, offering simplified and consumer-centric plans at a low cost.  With preventative coverage including $0 primary care visits, $0 mental health visits, and $0 copay on generic drugs, Friday designs plans that are valuable to everyone, not just frequent healthcare users. Headquartered in Denver with substantial operations in Alamosa, the Company offers coverage to nearly 90,000 people throughout Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas.

“Giving back is such an important part of the Friday mission. We are excited to be a part of Endeavor, not only to receive support from its unique global network as we scale our business, but to have the opportunity to give back as we lend our expertise and experience to growing healthcare entrepreneurs.” said Sal Gentile.

On November 10th, at Endeavor’s International Selection Panel, Sal and David met with and were selected by a panel of Endeavor Global mentors, including Nico Szekasy (Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Kaszek),  Pietro Sella (CEO of Sella Group), Dr. Raoul Oberman (Co-Founder of Artemis Impact), Veronica Allende Serra (Founding Partner, Innova Capital), Vassil Terziev (Managing Partner of Eleven Ventures), and Edgar Bronfman Jr. (Former CEO at Warner Music Group, Managing Partner at Accretive LLC).

About Friday Health Plans

Friday Health Plans is purpose-built specifically for people and small businesses who buy their own health insurance. The company focuses on overall simplicity to offer affordable health plans with benefits that help members stay healthy and cover them if they get sick or hurt. Operational efficiency, top-notch customer service, and smart technology are core to Friday’s consumer-centric approach. The company is headquartered in Denver, with its core operations and customer service center in Alamosa, Colorado.

About Endeavor

Founded in 1997, Endeavor has helped over 2,100 entrepreneurs build more than 900 companies in 40 markets throughout North America, Latin America, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and Africa. Endeavor Entrepreneurs generate combined revenues of $28.7 billion annually, and have created 3.9 million jobs in their local economies. Endeavor Entrepreneurs commit to mentoring and investing in the next generation of founders. Endeavor Colorado launched in September 2019 and supports eight high-growth scaling entrepreneurs.

Endeavor Colorado continues to identify additional entrepreneurs to join the Global Network, specifically those well-positioned to grow, scale, and create real impact in Colorado and their industry. The Endeavor Colorado board includes top local entrepreneurs, executives, and investors providing mentorship and support to the next generation of Colorado entrepreneurs.

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