Endeavor Colorado: Why did you decide to join the Endeavor network?

Yancey: I participated in a couple of Endeavor’s International Selection Panels a few years ago. Spending time with their comprehensive selection process truly energized me about how this organization helps improve outcomes for entrepreneurs around the globe. With the addition of Colorado to the Endeavor network, it’s a natural opportunity for me to engage deeply and support our thriving entrepreneurial environment locally. I believe Colorado has all the necessary elements to be a leading entrepreneurial community, comparable to any in the world, and I’m excited to contribute through my work with Endeavor Colorado.

Endeavor Colorado: Please share some background information about yourself and explain what motivated you to become a board member.

Yancey: My career has spanned several phases. Initially, I worked as an engineer in telecommunications and consumer product manufacturing. I then pursued an MBA and transitioned into mergers and acquisitions as an investment banker, working across diverse industries such as electric utilities, healthcare services, biotechnology, internet media, and software. The most recent phase of my career involved roles as CFO and then CEO for three technology and software companies. Having worked with companies generating revenues between $50MM and $1BN, I’ve navigated many challenges of early-stage growth. I enjoy addressing these challenges, unlocking growth potential, and providing founders and early investors with liquidity for their initial risks. I look forward to applying this diverse set of experiences to support Colorado’s Endeavor entrepreneurs.

Endeavor Colorado: Are there any companies currently going through the Endeavor process that particularly excite you?

Yancey: Over the last year, I’ve had the chance to meet numerous Endeavor entrepreneurs. Frankly, all of them have exciting opportunities ahead, and I hope to help the founders realize their visions.

Endeavor Colorado: Which industries do you see experiencing growth in Colorado at present, and which do you anticipate will emerge over the next five years?

Yancey: Colorado has seen growth in size and scale across several high-growth sectors, including defense and space technologies, telecom and media, as well as biotechnology and healthcare services. We are also witnessing significant growth in software, clean energy solutions, healthy lifestyle, and internet security. Perhaps the most novel opportunity lies in quantum computing, which, if/when it matures, will have a massive impact across many sectors of our economy.

Endeavor Colorado: Do you have any general advice to offer to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Yancey: Stay passionate and focused on your vision. At the same time, be responsive to the signals from your emerging business to refine and improve it. No early-stage business experiences a straight line of growth; adapting to the curves is the only way to sustain and foster growth.

Endeavor Colorado: Apart from your professional commitments, how do you typically spend your free time?

Yancey: I love to play golf, listen to music, and travel. Additionally, when the snow conditions are favorable, I enjoy skiing with my family.

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