Welcoming Rajat Bhargava of JumpCloud

Today, Endeavor Colorado announced the selection of Rajat Bhargava, Founder & CEO of JumpCloud, to the Endeavor network at its International Selection Panel (ISP). Rajat joins over 2,100 high-impact Endeavor Entrepreneurs worldwide and 8 other Endeavor Entrepreneurs from Colorado, including Mark Frank of Sondermind, Fred Kneip of CyberGRX, Chris Miller of Everside Health, Dan Holt & Kelly Seidl of BillGO, Mario Ciabarra of Quantum Metric, and Robin McIntosh & Lisa McLaughlin from Workit Health.

JumpCloud is a Louisville, CO-based company making remote work more efficient through their unified platform for identity, directory, and access management systems. Existing solutions offer an assortment of on-premise, homogenous point solutions, and are often expensive and complicated to integrate. JumpCloud is redefining Directory Services, evolving it from a patchwork of point solutions into a unified IT platform to securely manage and control user access to any resource, from any location, from any device.

“Rajat's vision of the future of work put JumpCloud on a path to building a global brand early on," said Brad Feld, Managing Director of Foundry Group and Endeavor Colorado Board Advisor. "We are excited to support him as he continues to rapidly grow JumpCloud, and to welcome him to our growing Endeavor Colorado community of peers and mentors.”

The outmoded directory services market has been historically dominated by Microsoft Active Directory in Windows-centric office environments. Additionally, with the sudden rise of remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses found themselves forced to quickly and securely pivot their technology to adapt. "Obviously now with COVID, all these changes made it much more difficult for IT to connect their users to all the resources that they needed," said Rajat in an interview with TechCrunch. "To us, that's one of the most critical tasks that an IT organization has, making their team more productive." JumpCloud has modernized directory services to accommodate the access requirements of organizations today.

With his selection, Rajat officially joins the global Endeavor community of entrepreneurs, founders, and investors. "I'm excited to leverage Endeavor's unique global network as JumpCloud continues to deliver tremendous value to our customers around the world," said Rajat.

"Rajat's success with JumpCloud is one of his many accomplishments," said Scott Miller, Managing Director of Endeavor Colorado. "An active investor, author, and 8-time entrepreneur, Rajat has extensive experience across the entire's founder's journey. Not only is Endeavor excited to support Rajat as he grows JumpCloud into an iconic business, but also to welcome him into the Endeavor community as a leader and mentor to others."

Endeavor continues to identify additional entrepreneurs to join the Global Network, specifically those well-positioned to grow, scale, and create real impact in Colorado and their industry. The Endeavor Colorado board includes top local entrepreneurs, executives, and investors providing mentorship and support to the next generation of Colorado entrepreneurs.

On August 24th, at Endeavor's International Selection Panel, Rajat had the opportunity to meet with and was selected by a panel of Endeavor Global mentors, including Mac Schuessler, President, Board Member, & CEO of Evertec, Arvind Rajan, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman of Cricket Health as well as former Managing Director & VP of New Markets at LinkedIn, Rob Coneybeer, Managing Director & Co-Founder of Shasta Ventures, Paulo Veras, Co-Founder of Pixit, Guidu, & 99, and Mo Azab, Co-Founder and CEO of Seha Healthcare.

About JumpCloud

JumpCloud's mission is to Make Work Happen, providing simple, secure, access to corporate technology resources from any device, or any location. The JumpCloud Directory Platform gives IT, security operations, and DevOps a single, cloud-based solution to control and manage employee identities, their devices, and apply Zero Trust principles. JumpCloud has a global user base of more than 100,000 organizations, with over 3,000 customers including Cars.com, GoFundMe, Grab, Uplight, Beyond Finance, and Foursquare. JumpCloud is backed by BlackRock, General Atlantic, OpenView, and Foundry Group.

About Endeavor

Founded in 1997, Endeavor has helped over 2,100 entrepreneurs build more than 1,300 companies in 40 markets throughout North America, Latin America, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and Africa. Endeavor Entrepreneurs commit to mentoring and investing in the next generation of founders. Endeavor Colorado launched in September 2019 and supports nine high-growth, scaling entrepreneurs.

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