Product-Led Growth is rapidly approaching Buzzword Status within the startup ecosystem, and it’s no surprise. Over the last decade, the popularity of PLG has been driven by the record growth and scale of companies like Slack, Shopify, Dropbox, and, in Colorado, JumpCloud (recently valued at $2.6B). In the eyes of some founders, PLG is too often simplified as a go-to-market strategy centered around a freemium offering.

But this definition undervalues the intentionality behind a PLG company, which must work across all business functions to create a customer journey that feels so seamless, frictionless, and value-additive that a product sells itself.

Rajat Bhargava is an Endeavor Entrepreneur and Founder and CEO of JumpCloud, using PLG to scale to a $2.6B valuation. This Spring, Rajat joined Endeavor Colorado for a small, private roundtable advising Colorado entrepreneurs who are using PLG to fuel their companies growth.

Read more of the roundtable's key takeaways in our article here.

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