A Look Back at 2021

With a booming startup ecosystem and a record amount of Colorado venture funding ($6.5B, previous record was $2.7B), 2021 was filled with exciting wins for Endeavor Entrepreneurs in Colorado and around the world.
As we wrap up the first month of 2022, we're reflecting on some of our biggest news from the past year.

3 New Board Members

John Street, Sandi Mays, and Courtnee Chun joined the Endeavor Colorado Board in supporting the fastest growing scaleups in our state.

6 New Endeavor Entrepreneurs

Endeavor welcomed Dan Holt & Kelly Seidl of BillGO, Rajat Bhargava of JumpCloud, David Pinkert & Sal Gentile of Friday Health Plans, and Lee Mayer of Havenly.

10 Colorado Unicorns

10 new unicorns came out of Colorado last year, including Endeavor Entrepreneurs Mario Ciabarra of Quantum Metric, Mark Frank of Sondermind, and Rajat Bhargava of JumpCloud.

50 Global Endeavor Unicorns

Endeavor now supports over 50 unicorns and counting, led by Endeavor Entrepreneurs around the world.

1,716 Open Positions with Endeavor Entrepreneurs

Endeavor launched a regional Job Board to search open positions at the fastest growing companies across the US. To view, visit endeavor.getro.com.

We're looking forward to an equally exciting 2022.


The Endeavor Colorado Team

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